Red Faction: Guerrilla review Part 2

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Red Faction: Guerrilla review Part 2

Post  donweir on Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:40 pm

Sorry about doing this in two parts there was so much one topic couldn't handle it

Ok I think that’s enough talk about the single player aspect of the game. Now on to the multiplayer side of the game.
The main mode of multiplayer action is the wrecking crew mode. Before I begin this part of the review, let me point out although it says that this game is two player, there is no normal way of displaying it. When you go into wrecking crew mode there’s no need to get your second controller ready as you only need one. You see each player takes in turn to play the level, I guess this way was chosen as it provides a fairer form of play, as in this mode the higher the total amount of destruction the more points you get to win the round. This mode can be up to 16 players, now I did this two nights ago and I was bored silly as I had to wait for 15 others to have their turn before it was mine again and also you can have five rounds per match with a maximum time limit of 3 minutes, that’s a full 4 hours before the game ends. That in my mind is far too long for just 1 game for 16 people. I wouldn’t have minded if they had allowed four players to play at once that at least cuts the over all time down to one hour. To me this mode was created just to show off the new physics engine which was implemented into Red faction, and it shows it off beautifully there is no debate about that, my issue is with how the dealt with the multiplayer side of the game, and I know of course that most people will only use this mode for up to 4 players at the one time. I only did this mode for a small bit of stress testing with the amount of players that it fully allows. The game holds up to the best of it’s ability, thus showing that the game is well made and will stand a good bit of throttling under heavy duty with such games as I designed.

Now onto online multiplayer. From what I’ve played, it seems to be similar to halo 3 in its multiplayer, it has all the basic play modes that you can expect from any shooter, and it also has a rank system exactly like halo. But what I like about the multiplayer online is that you can use any weapon that was used in the game; although that does mean that you have to go up through the ranks to get the better weapons. Also the player now has the choice of 8 different jet packs. There’s the Rhino which allows you to plough through walls with out using your hammer. There’s the Thrust which propels you upwards so that you can view all order and rain down death upon other players. There’s the visualiser which allows the user to see their opponents through any material within a certain distance. There’s the Quickheal which provides you with a short amount of time were you heal faster, the bubble that once surrounded you then dissipates into a rainbow, very FABULOUS indeed. There’s the Invisibility jet pack, which does exactly what it says on the tin and then there’s the Speedster jetpack, which just make you run faster, thus harder to hit. Then we have the Convulsion jet pack which sends out a mini shockwave to knock down or kill your nearby opponents. Then there’s the tremor jet pack which sends out a miniature earthquake to the surrounding area, this can be quite handy in Demolition mode online. Then finally we have the bog standard jet pack to carry you to and fro. Now on to the different modes that are available to you online. Before I begin let me point out that, some of the modes are not available straight away. You must unlock them by progressing up through the levels, much like the system in COD. But anyway, as you progress to the higher levels you get certain unlocks for you symbol beside your rank, playable online characters and there are even unlocks for different types of hammer which do more damage or are just of comedic effect such as the “Ostrich” hammer. While you play online you have a selection of different modes of difficulty these range from the Anarchy section to the in mix bowl section. The first two sections you are allowed to play in are Anarchy and Team Anarchy; these are just you basic deathmatch games with a different label. The next few types of games you have to unlock by levelling. You have Capture the flag, where the flag can act as a hammer is you so will it. Siege where one team attacks and the other one defends there group of buildings. Then there’s Damage control, which is just like King of the hill, where you destroy and rebuild your structures. And then finally we have Demolition, which is where there are two teams, on each team you have one “Destroyer” and the rest of the team must defend the Destroyer from being “destroyed”. Every other player is armed with a repair gun, which can reconstruct entire buildings. The aim is to basically destroy and rebuild as fast as you possibly can, the team with the most demolition points wins. All of these modes can be up to 16 players, so that means you can have two teams of eight. At the end of each match you are presented with a total screen. Where you are shown everybody’s scores in the normal fashion. You are then rewarded with XP which allows for items and modes to be unlocked.

Ok that about raps up my review for Red Faction: Guerrilla. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and hope that this review put an end to some of your worries or any questions that you may have about this game.

Overall I’m giving it an 8/10. I’m giving it an 8 because I think some improvements can be made to make this a more enjoyable experience while playing through it. Also the achievements are quite easy to get if you want to spend some time getting them there’s about 300 GS up for grabs just by playing through the campaign. When it comes to the online achievements some of them will take a lot of trial and error for example “Courier of Pain” requires you to get 5000 in multiplayer and gives out 20 GS. Then there are other that will take a lot of time and patience to get such as the “Wrecking ball” which is to get 25 million points in wrecking crew mode. Then there is one achievement worth a whopping 50 GS called “Red Faction Member” this requires you to play online with another person who has completed the campaign, this is an easy achievement to get once you complete the game. Over all if you want to get all of the online achievements you would need to spend around 25 to 35 hours getting them. That’s of course if the other players will allow you to get them with out any interference. Also on a little side note there is a fun game you can play for one achievement. It’s called Mine wars; all you have to do is throw mines at each other for about ten minutes, tis good fun. Oh yea to get the achievement you must attach a remote mine to someone who has a jetpack and you must set it off whilst they are in mid air.

Just on a final note, remember, an enemy is not just something to be shot at; they’re also useful for breaking down barriers, when lightly touched in the head with your hammer.

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