d&d 4th ed (with all the bad spelling u never wanted)

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d&d 4th ed (with all the bad spelling u never wanted)

Post  yakuza_man on Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:47 pm

a round up of every thing happening with the 4th ed D&D game running out of my kitchen...


a small intro dungon was thrown togeather to get some people used to the core macinacs of D&D (polyhedrails and all that jazz)

durring the dungon...
hyppogrihs were intimadated
skulls were hollowed out, in to helms of +1 intimadate to the skulls respective specease
the drunk of the party found some wine of unknown strength and tast (that one will be fun)
a pouche of many pouches was found
there was a hall way full of fire
a room full of minions got disolved
secret door bla bla bla...
then sudenly a dragon
and now there is a cleric that can summon a dragon(not sure if this was a good idea or what, probly a bad idea tbh)


the city of velfores is plastered with noteses of work for adenthers, which is handy cause thats where the party is due to act of plot. a minitor and a tefling warlock are going about there business traiding in favors to turn a dead hyppogriph in to an un dead hyppogriph...as ya do. the cleric is geting wasted in the famous interdamentional "blue bore inn" an oblivious dimond man is flailing around the city atracting atention to himself, a 7 foot tall half stone half scale mail man is bobing around, and the plot god grins like the chesher cat.

the party now consists of
Zakk - ahria (7 foot tall stone dude)
clark - gundalf (dimond)
dave- berk (minitor )
daryal - damacous (tefling)
craig - kiba (dragonborn drunk (doubel points for ileteration)

after a wile and an act of dm the entire party gets to were there mant to be and they meet an oddly german man offering them mistrouas work... which is just when the dragon bore cleric that breaths acid vomits on a guy inciting a bar brawl.

bar fight happens
a guy is knocked in to the roof
the dimond pays out some protection mony
there was a rape
and the german guy rescheduled


the party meets at the strangly german mans house and are tasked with bringing a very big very well built cart (the equilivent to a fantasy lorry) to the west side of the contanint... they forgot to ask what was in side.

they then promptly sold the horses that came with the cart and got teh minitor to pull it ...

just ut side teh city they got jumpd by muggers trying to steal an entire party member, ges which one...
then the best perception roll ever
dm: ur in a forrest
dave: what do i smell? i want to smell bacon!
dm: whats ur passave perception
dave: 20
dm: sudenly you smell bacon
dave: which way is it?
zakk: is there a hart?
dave: yeah is there?
dm: its smell, the only way ud be able to know that is if u roll a 20 right now
dave: ok **rolls natrual 20**
dm: fuck... ok u can tell that there is a hart u know the exact derection to it u know the distance u know the speacease of the pig and u know it used to be called steve
dm: also for a breaf moment u can smell the very curviture of the world

then they fall in to a trap
and after a lon batal they decide to eat teh bacon and make camp

thus ends the first full party sesion of teh campaine


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the madness goes on

Post  yakuza_man on Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:12 am

the party went in to a cave totaly unprepaired and walked, in clarks case, dimond ass cheak first in to a trap. prompting clark to discover a new renewabul sorce of in come, selling his arms and legs.
after braking down a door to an elven town, the party bluffed there way around the gards by claming they were on an importnant misson for there there town they lost the cart they had been transporting. they then met a rouge and with a masterful paln stole it back, which may come back to bite them when the minitor finds out he is now wering a migical cow bell that cant be taken off because the rest of the party clamed it was a pece of his disuise.

the party later colapsed a cave and found a pile of bodys guarded by a blue dragon. the dragon promptly joined the party due to another act of DM. there was then bartering of many things to keep the dragon alive. in the end it survived. they also found a dragon egg that is soon to hatch.

they also learned about plot related stuff

epic crap bout to go down soon in the came world


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Re: d&d 4th ed (with all the bad spelling u never wanted)

Post  donweir on Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:24 am

the tastiness of this campaign is building up

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Re: d&d 4th ed (with all the bad spelling u never wanted)

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