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Vampire Campaign NPC's/History Empty Vampire Campaign NPC's/History

Post  Martin22 on Thu Mar 31, 2011 7:05 am

Some of the NPC's that the characters have met.

[b]The Prince[/b].
Goes by the name of Joseph. He is the oldest and most powerful vampire in the City. Prince of the city since the mid 1700's he is known to be politically asutue and keeps up to date with news and gossip both in his city and in the wider world. Joseph is 5'4, slim build, dark curly hair, tanned skin (for a vampire). He maintains polite manners most times and often quotes the history of Rome. He ends all his meetings by saying "And Carthage must be destroyed". The Prince has recently brokered a peace treaty with the werewolves and appointed the coterie as caretakers of Manhattan and the surrounds.

[b]Lucius and Markus[/b]
Retainers to The Prince. Remarkably similiar in looks and build. 5'5, short cut hair, stocky and powerfully built. Give the impression that if ordered to, and they happened to find him, would crucify Christ a second time. They are the Prince's eyes, ears and mailed fist. The coterie have mostly dealt with Lucius via phone.

Vitari is the Tremere primogen of New York. He is of Italian descent and has an arrogant way of talking. Any Vampire that is not of Tremere he will look down upon, though powerful vampires of other clans do receive due respect. Politics and politeness sometimes go hand in hand after all. He gave Martha the contact details for James Falstaff.

[b]James Falstaff[/b]
James owns and runs the occult shop The Golden Fleece near Central Park. He is in his mid 30's and has a pleasent and outgoing demeanour. Giving the impression that he knows alot more than he lets on he is the coteries chief source of information on the werewolves and their supplier of occult items and information. His rates are reasonable and negotiable.

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