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Post  Kraus on Tue May 24, 2011 1:33 pm

Hey all!

Got home today, and as I suspected - I've no idea what to take up next! I mean, not the nerd stuff, obviously, but you know, when you've built whatever you did in some place, and leave, it, there's always the looming void in there... I hope I'll get it together during summer. Smile Let's see, it might be just that I'm afraid for nothing too.

Anyways, I'll leave those kinds of ramblings for a blog or something, if I should actually start one at last. It's free, I mean, and could be fun if I start Warhammering properly again. Smile Anyways, what I came here to promote, is Battle for Wesnoth.


Battle for Wesnoth is, simply, a fantasy themed, hex based light strategy game, with leveling troops, uniqueness, plenty of different factions and loads of easy-to-learn fun. The multiplayer is awesome! And the best thing is, that it's completely free. It's made by volunteers, and is published as a freeware. Some of you coders might actually find the engine interesting, and the source code is free for download too. Cool

What I'd propose, is if some of you guys download it and have a go (I'd say you'll want to skip the 1.8. branch and go straight to 1.9., it's that balanced by now), and we could keep in contact by playing Wesnoth either story- or leaguewise, or just casual. Like, friday evening Wesnoths, or something. Smile Let's see how we'd do it best.

But the tutorial's pretty useful within the game, and there are some good guides on their websites. Also, the game rules are ridiculously simple, but the tactical aspect is pretty intense. I think many of you might like it! Smile

Download it and have a go. It's fun, and multiplayer would be a cool way to keep in contact!


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